ePatient 2015 Resources

During the development of ePatient 2015 we reviewed hundreds of articles, reports, blog posts and more. Following are a few resources we think you'll find especially helpful if you're interested in learning more about the future of healthcare. Please note that this list of resources will be frequently updated.

Also, please consider joining our community on LinkedIn, Humans, Health and Technology, which is dedicated to highlighting insights and sparking conversation about how living, breathing people are influenced by the health innovation economy.


In July 2014, Fard Johnmar, co-author of ePatient 2015, launched a unique, animated video blog series called Digital Health Illustrated. The program features new thinking, commentary and original research (as well as insights from ePatient 2015) focusing on how digital technologies are influencing healthcare. View an episode from the series below. For a full listing of episodes, please click here.

Research Organizations and Media

  • - Pew Research Center: This organization regularly publishes data focusing on how people are using technology in health and beyond. - Link
  • - MIT Technology Review: A well-respected source of breaking news and analysis on the future of health and a range of other industries. Read an interesting report published by MIT in 2013 focusing on how technology will influence health costs, care and more. - Link
  • - MobiHealthNews: This online publication produces ongoing news and analysis focusing on mobile technologies and other topics related to digital health. - Link
  • Online Networks, Groups and Conferences

    • - Health 2.0: This group produces a series of global events focusing on health, technology and more. - Link
    • - Digital Health LinkedIn Group: This 21,000 + member group regularly shares and discusses news and events of interest in the health technology arena - Link
    • - Stanford Medicine X: This conference features physicians, ePatients and others discussing the future of healthcare. - Link


    • - Journal of Medical Internet Research: This influential open-access journal features a range of research on how technology is influencing health globally.- Link
    • - Health Affairs: This well-respected policy journal features commentary and research on health reform, insurance, technology and other important topics. View content from a special Health Affairs issue focusing on patient engagement. - Link


    • - The Creative Destruction of Medicine: How the Digital Revolution Will Create Better Health Care: This well-regarded book by Dr. Eric Topol features insights on a range of subjects, including the role genetics will play in medical care. - Link
    • - Connected Health: How Mobile Phones, Cloud and Big Data Will Reinvent Healthcare: This book, developed by Jody Ranck, focuses on how traditional approaches toward accelerating change in global health systems have not had much success. This book provides an overview of the world of connected health, or the intersection of data, mobile phones and cloud computing in health and medical care. - Link